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Release Notes

MyQ Roger Server 2.11

24 May, 2024


  • Lightweight printers are now called Single-function printers and are a licensed feature.

  • Single-function printers (lightweight printers) are now active-only and cannot be disabled in web administration.

  • Printer Configurations page created, printer configuration profiles are bound to printer groups.

  • New license types.

  • MyQ Roger Client is a licensed feature.

  • SharePoint workflow settings UI improvements.

  • Added possibility for a user to delete their own account.

  • Chat feature hidden behind feature flag.

  • Default user group with all users created.

  • Default Workflow template assigned to the All Users group.

  • Estonian Language added.

  • Released job settings was removed from My Settings page on web UI.

  • Added specific settings for Kyocera printers.

  • Adding of user aliases.

  • New column „Printer Name“ added in reports.

  • New permission category “Terminal Actions” with the permission “Unlock Panel”.

  • Workflow templates UI update.

  • Release notes page changed to About page.

  • Renamed Spanish (United States) to Spanish (American).

  • Messages on Printer Groups page.

  • Printer details window improved.

  • Strings unified on User Groups page.

  • UI of windows for adding and editing printers improved.

  • Paginators hidden on empty pages.

  • Animation transition on all pages removed.

  • Buttons on Printers page updated.

  • Action buttons unified.

Bug Fixes

  • Checkbox to allow users to register to the system when tenant is synchronized with Microsoft Entra ID should not be visible.

  • Chat feature is enabled by default.

  • Custom auto-logout is not working on Kyocera.

  • Internal error on "Transition page".

  • Minor UI defects on Cost Centers page.

  • Reports are not reflecting scans/copies/prints.

  • Reset workflow option sends welcome email with PIN to user.

  • Self-registration on tenant is not working.

  • Server is losing connection to Google Drive.

  • User group and user search on templates page fixed.

  • Welcome email is sent to users that are marked as "deleted" in Azure.

  • Changing error message when typing the incorrect user code.

  • Audit log messages display printer information.

  • Dark mode on hovering on "About" page icons when light mode is on.

  • Google drive job that is sent to 'print later' on mobile app isn't saved.

  • Default templates without support on both terminal and mobile removed.

  • Lost keys for text on Settings page.

  • Lost keys for text on Templates page.

  • PIN and Cards section can be turned off by permissions.

  • PIN complexity settings moved to the correct Security section in Settings.

  • Required fields missing from the SNMPv3 settings page.

  • Actions button still available when a printer is inactive.

  • UI improvements.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10 (patch 7)

10 May, 2024


  • Default user session idle logout timeout is set on printer to 5 minutes.

Bug Fixes

  • MyQ folders are duplicated when user reconnects Google Drive.

  • Reports are not reflecting scans/copies/prints.

  • Server is losing connection to Google Drive.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10 (patch 6)

19 April, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Synchronization of users is slow.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10 (patch 5)

8 March, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Welcome email is sent to users that are marked as "deleted" in Azure

  • Fix related to increasing server stability.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10 (patch 4)

16 February, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Kyocera terminal is losing the tenant registration.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10 (patch 3)

14 February, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Users are synced multiple times simultaneously.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10 (patch 2)

29 January, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Workflow settings are not used properly.

  • Synchronization failing to import specific users.

  • Tenant registration via Roger installer for Kyocera fix for EU/US.

  • Terminals falling into pairing mode.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10 (patch 1)

12 January, 2024


  • It is now possible to set specific email address for scanning to email in workflow settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed disappearing workflows after use.

  • Scan to Google Drive is no longer missing in default Workflows template.

MyQ Roger Server 2.10

5 January, 2024


  • Cost center feature improvements.

  • New "Workflow templates feature" transition process created for future transitions.

  • Cost Centers may be synchronized from AD as a separate entity.

  • UI button improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Extended expiration time of a tenant subscription is ignored by the server.

  • Sorting by cost centers on "Reports" page caused "internal error notification".

  • Text bug fixed on WebUI when deleting an AD synchronization configuration.

  • Workflows page freezing when typing in text fields when too many workflows templates were created.

  • Workflow templates users might not get loaded properly.

  • Transition to workflow templates was visible to "users" when only admin should be able to see it.

  • Database timeouts.

  • Jobs were not released on Ricoh if SNMPv3 is used.

MyQ Roger Server 2.9 (patch 6) (EU2)

26 April, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Reports are not reflecting scans/copies/prints.

MyQ Roger Server 2.9 (patch 5) (EU2)

16 April, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Synchronization of users is slow.

MyQ Roger Server 2.9 (patch 4) (EU2)

2 April, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Printer cannot be installed again once it was deleted on the server.

MyQ Roger Server 2.9 (patch 3) (EU2)

12 February, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal falling into pairing mode.

  • Fixed EU2 connection to audit logs.

MyQ Roger Server 2.9 (patch 2) (EU2)

30, January, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Terminals falling into pairing mode.

  • Connection to cloud storages.

MyQ Roger Server 2.9

8 December, 2023


  • New feature added “Workflow Templates”.

  • Columns can now be managed on Pricelist, Desktop Client, Subscription and Ready To Print pages on the Web UI.

  • Pricelist validity period is now displayed in the Web UI as a read-only value.

  • CSV has been added as an export target for reports.

  • Dark mode is temporarily hidden from the Web UI.

Bug Fixes

  • The Printer Group page on the Web UI may not display the selected pricelist.

  • Workflows may not load properly on the Web UI.

  • Login on the terminal may take longer than expected.

  • Buttons may appear in the wrong order when managing user workflows on the Web UI.

  • The list of users may not load properly on the Workflow Templates page.

  • Pagination may fail on the users' page.

  • Importing users via Excel may not import their PINs

  • Excel templates for users export are now unified with the sample import template.

  • Deleting a widget may mistakenly remove the wrong widget.

  • Unfinished user synchronization may leave the database in an inconsistent state.

  • Various UI defects on Pricelist page.

  • Importing user aliases during user synchronization from Microsoft Entra.

  • Synchronized users may not receive default workflows.

  • Various UI defects fixed on Workflows page.

  • Price of a job may not be calculated when printing with a printer without a terminal.

MyQ Roger Server 2.8 (patch 2)

2 November, 2023


  • Added option to suppress Google cache. In an isolated case, it was not compatible with the behavior of Google and flow that the customer was using.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed PIN complexity adjustment before synchronization.

  • Fixed bug related to PIN pool during synchronization.

  • Fixed creation of root Cost-Centers.

MyQ Roger Server 2.8 (patch 1)

30 October, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed OneDrive connection error for tenants who did not have user sync set up.

MyQ Roger Server 2.8

28 October, 2023


  • Enhance cloud storage availability security for tenant organizations using user synchronization. We mitigated a weakness based on user access to private repositories where organization policies violations could occur.


  • Printer groups allow you to group printers. For now, it is possible to assign a price list to a group. More features will follow.

  • Printer groups and cost centers need additional license.

  • The price list has a default entry.

  • Default SNMP version settings have been changed to v2.0.

  • Price list and cost center has been added to the detail record on the reports page.

  • The name of the cost center report export file has been renamed.

  • Added 'Terminal' column on the printers page for printers with or without terminal.

  • Added command to send bulk emails with PIN on the users page. For selected users or for a set filter.

  • Added the ability to filter users by entering the name of a user group on the users page.

  • The display of user groups and cost center now uses pagination.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed server error when releasing job to printer via MRC.

  • Fixed password length setting error.

  • Fixed error on printers page when using sorting by Color column.

  • Fixed a bug with pin density setting where it was incorrectly converted to 200% in some cultures.

  • Fixed error not releasing session after printing from printer without terminal.

  • Fixed retrieving a list of workflows that occurred in isolated cases related to email.

  • Fixed crash error when trying to add a printer without terminals that was previously deleted.

  • Fixed printer name change from mobile app.

MyQ Roger Server 2.7 (patch 2)

24 October, 2023


  • Made changes to display more group and cost-center records. Lazy loading.

MyQ Roger Server 2.7 (patch 1)

18 September, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed implementation of user synchronization where user settings were lost during synchronization. The synchronization service has been temporarily suspended. Data has been restored. And now the service is working again.

MyQ Roger Server 2.7

14 September, 2023


  • Jobs and reports refer to the price list.

  • Modifications in job reports to the Excel.

  • Apple users with a hidden identity now have a more friendly username.

  • Improvements in user-mobile-terminal session.

  • Several improvements for dark mode.

  • Added basic cost-center support.

  • Redesigned user synchronization from Azure AD.

  • Adding support for non terminal printers.

  • Added support for SNMP and protocol settings for printing jobs from MRC. Currently one setting per tenant, but will be extended to print profiles in a later version.

  • Display adjustment for black and white printers.

  • MyQ Roger has been added to Microsoft Market Place.

  • Several improvements in UI design.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed endless loading on 'Ready to print' page after filtering by expire date.

  • Fixed issues with set default language.

  • Fixed specific error when sending scan command from mobile app.

  • Fixed issues with custom logo.

  • Fixed surname duplicate in first name if user registers themselves.

  • Fixed broken printing from the mobile app and Google Drive when using the print later feature.

  • Fixed JPEG printing on Kyocera terminal.

  • Fixed URL in QR codes.

  • Fixed application crashes during job printing and license validation checks.

  • Fixed internal error on 'Reports' page for users.

  • Fixed price calculation error for printed jobs.

  • Fixed bug allowing to delete tenant admin.

MyQ Roger Server 2.6 (patch 1)

28 June, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing problems when reporting a print job from a printer that was deleted in the meantime.

MyQ Roger Server 2.6

24 June, 2023


  • Audit Logs. The system audit logs are completely redesigned. We will continue to add and improve the audit logs.

  • Fixing a security vulnerability identified based on a security audit of the server.

  • MyQ Roger is certified for Microsoft Intune Protected applications.

  • Added UI Password complexity indicator.

  • Changed user alias display control.

  • Operations performed on the mobile phone are now also recorded in jobs. Added 'source' filter.

  • Redesigned user session devices allow new status information to be provided.

  • Added option to Settings-Security to allow admins to decide for users if they can access cloud services if they log in to the terminal with a PIN. Default setting enabled.

  • The first of many future permission rebuilds where the parent section permission will be replaced by the 'View' permission.

  • The minimum expiration time of a job in device spool is set to 10min. Smaller values were not sense.

  • Added the ability to search for user cards on the user page.

  • Ready to change the URL link format in the QR URI to be able to use MRC login. Not yet enabled. The link will also be able to be used by any QR reader.

  • Adjusting visibility of inactive printers when license is not active.

  • Added default tenant language setting in Settings-General.

  • Change the display of detailed printer properties.

  • Created a new report type for user groups.

  • Changes in the Printers report.

  • The user can now set the cost center. Preparation for assigning price list to user groups.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a situation where a job was sent to print using DirectPrint and the printer was occupied by another user.

  • Fixed several UI issues (icons, refresh buttons, validation messages, checkboxes).

  • Fixed display of long username in many places.

  • Fixed BT Beacon and NFC logins.

  • Fixed crash in isolated cases of using scan profiles from mobile app to terminal.

  • Fixed search field bug that made it impossible to cancel search filter.

  • Fixed app crash when calling Google to invalidate tokens.

  • Fixed bug allowing admin account to delete itself.

  • Fixed deleting Google records after printing.

  • Fixed checkbox behavior in device settings.

  • Fixed a bug in the assigned license and in case of license insufficiency.

  • Fixed sending detailed printer information (SN, IP address, host) during printing from MRC (MyQ Roger Desktop Client).

  • Fixed email activation error in rare cases.

  • Fixed isolated app crashes when self-registering with Google.

MyQ Roger Server 2.5 (patch 4)

17 February, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the same Google Drive file exists in print-ready jobs twice and user was not able to print it.

MyQ Roger Server 2.5 (patch 3)

13 February, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a universal print bug where after recent Windows 11 updates, print jobs started to fail in the driver's print queue. The reason was a missing reason-status-description. This message could be observed in windows events.

MyQ Roger Server 2.5 (patch 2)

9 February, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing inability to log into the admin menu of the terminal. You must restart the terminal for the fix to take effect immediately. Otherwise, the terminal updates its settings once a day, usually in the morning after waking up.

MyQ Roger Server 2.5 (patch 1)

7 February, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash of the job report from the printer causing the printer to constantly try to resend the job.

MyQ Roger Server 2.5

4 February, 2023


  • Roger Themes. The server theme is reworked. Roger team has no capability to maintain more than one theme. All tenants theme settings have been switched to the new look and all previous themes have been removed. A new dashboard appearance has also been added. We will be adding new telemetry and alert gadgets to it over time.

  • Licenses. We've removed the licensing bypass. The previous release contained many licensing-related fixes and no other issues were encountered. Many of the features you were using are now only available for licensed printers (Printer Login, Job Report, Toners & Counters updates). Desktop Client (MRC) licenses are not yet applied. Licensed printers are highlighted in the printer overview - it's connected with column IsActive.

  • New printer connected with tenant will automatically get license if available.

  • The report list (the jobs page has been renamed to reports) contains events reported by printers. It also contains events reported by the mobile app (for example, that a job was sent to a printer). We have hidden this mobile app record for now until the filters on the page are adjusted. It was causing the misperception that two print jobs had left the printer.

  • The server now includes many implementations related to the upcoming Desktop Client (MRC) for Roger. We are now collecting the terminal version, IP address and host, to be able to print from MRC.

  • We have changed the behavior of the terminal login options so that not all login methods can be removed.

  • Release Notes page has been added

  • MFPs are now notified when their configuration changed on the server.

  • You can now set the expiration of jobs from device spool. Added to Device Settings.

  • Improving db indexes for Workflows (Scan Profiles are renamed to Workflows).

  • Added and improved several messages for mobile phones, e.g. when a user tries to log in to another tenant.

  • Improved reports and report content in excel. For example, added user name columns.

  • MFP now gets default tenant language settings.

  • In a few places, a column picklist has been added to the tabs (settings do not transfer between browsers).

  • We have modified the behavior of sending out email alerts for upcoming tenant subscription expirations. Emails are now aggregated into monthly periods, showing expired tenants last month and upcoming expirations the following month.

  • In many places the product name has been unified from Roger to MyQ Roger.

  • Improved appearance of 2FA authentication.

  • Server now provides language packs to mobile app to extend OCR services.

  • As always, we also made some internal changes and our team also worked on the Desktop (MRC) client, which hasn't been released yet.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed security issue with REST API end point providing printer info.

  • Fixed security issue when creating a random PIN to access the MFP admin interface.

  • Fixed URL inside generated QR code (old domains replaced by

  • Fixed users visibility in the User Groups (Organization Unites are renamed to User Groups).

  • Fixed bug related to German language and synchronization of users from Azure AD.

  • Fixed a bug causing scan profiles (workflows) to not be created for users synced via Azure AD.

  • Fixed deleting records from the mobile app causing an error for cloud services under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed self registration bug with Google account.

  • Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances caused the list of Scan Profiles (Workflows) to be unavailable on MFP.

  • Fixed connecting OneDrive after Roger folders already existed and causing a crash.

  • Fixed several bugs related to the ability to sort records by certain columns.

  • Fixed error with printer re-pairing.

  • Fixed a bug causing some printers to not save counter and toner changes.

  • Fixed bug when saving scan reports.

  • Fixed user import notifications from excel.

  • Fixed Verify in the activation email when the link was opened when the user was not logged into the tenant.


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