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User Groups

User groups are used to allocate users into organizational units. User groups can be imported via AD User synchronization or created on the Tenant Web UI by the administrator or a user with sufficient permissions.

User groups can be also used to filter users in the Users page via advanced filters and carry out actions onto these user groups such as reset PINs, send PINs via email, and reset workflows.

If the cost centers feature is enabled for a tenant, the user group assigned to a user will be their assigned cost center by default, and can appear in reports. A user’s cost center can be changed by the administrator from the edit user pane.

Creating user groups

  • On the left-side menu options, go to Organization - User Groups.

User groups

  • Click Add root unit to create a new organization unit (user group).

  • In the pop-up window, give a Name to your new organization unit and click Save.

  • You can now add members to it. Select the new user group and click Add member on the right side. Select the users from the list and click Save.

  • You can also add roles to the user group. Select the new user group, click on the Roles tab on the right side, and click Add role. Choose the role you want to add from the list, and click Save.

User Group Options

User group options are available once you click the three-dot menu on the right side of a user group.

User group options

  • Edit - click to modify your organization unit’s name.

  • Add sub-unit - click to add a sub-unit to your organization unit.

  • Delete - click to delete the selected organization unit.

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