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In Organization - Roles, the MyQ Roger administrator can manage roles as a way to group user permissions.


When a new tenant is created, there are two default roles: the Admin role which has all the permissions enabled, and the User role which contains only the following default user permissions:



All users are assigned the User role, unless a different role is chosen for them in their Edit user pane.

User Roles


Creating a new role

To create a new role, click the Create new role button in the upper-right corner.

In the pop-up window, in the Role name tab, add a Role name for your new role. If you want this role to be the default one for newly created users, mark the Default checkbox.

New Role


In the Permissions tab, select the permissions to be included in the new role.

New Role Permissions


Click Save and then refresh your browser to apply your changes.


Roles Management

You can filter the roles overview list by clicking the Select Permissions button. In the pop-up window, select the permissions you want and click Save. Only roles with the selected permission will be displayed on the list.

Roles Mgmgt


To edit a role, click Actions next to the role and select Edit. You can then change the role name and the permissions it includes.

To delete a role, click Actions next to the role and select Delete. The Admin and User roles cannot be deleted.


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