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Lightweight Printers

Lightweight printers are printers where an embedded terminal cannot be installed. They can, however, be used with MyQ Roger with NFC tags.

Lightweight printers are only supported on Kyocera printers at the moment.


  • The lightweight printer must be a Kyocera printer.

  • The MyQ Roger Mobile app and the printer must be on the same network to release jobs.

  • The user doing the NFC tag pairing must have the External Login Provider and Pair Provider with Printer permissions (found in User-Permissions-Pages-Administration-Printers).

  • NFC tags must be paired with the printer in order to release jobs.

For NFC tags recommendations, contact MyQ support.


To set up a lightweight printer:

  1. Go to Supervision - Printers.

  2. In the top-right corner, click Add New Printer.

  3. In the pop-up window, fill in the required information and click Save.

  4. Open the MyQ Roger Mobile application.

  5. Once logged in to the app, tap the Login button at the bottom-center of the screen.

  6. Select Login via NFC.

  7. Tap Pair a rewritable tag.

    Pair a rewritable tag
  8. Bring the phone close to the NFC tag on the printer, tap Write to NFC tag, and scan the NFC tag.

    Write to NFC tag
  9. Tap Select printer.

  10. Select the lightweight printer that you created in the MyQ Roger server web app (steps 1-3).

    Selecting lightweight printer
  11. Tap Pair Tag.

    Pair tag
  12. Tap Done.

    Printer paired - Done

The lightweight printer is now created and paired to the NFC tag. Users can log in with the MyQ Roger mobile app via the NFC tag and release jobs on the lightweight printer.

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