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In the Printers page, in Supervision - Printers, the MyQ Roger administrator has a full overview of all the printers connected to their tenant, can export the printers' list to Excel, and add new single-function printers.


Under Show advanced filters there are many filters available that can be used to modify what printers are displayed in the overview.



In the upper-right side, you can use the Column selection button to rearrange the columns shown in the overview.

You can drag-and-drop columns from one side to the other or select a column and use the arrows in the middle and then click Save. All the columns in the Shown columns side will be displayed in the printers overview.



Adding printers

New printers (with embedded terminals) should be added via the pairing method, described in MyQ Roger and MFDs.

You can also click the Create printer with terminal button, enter the device code displayed on the printer’s screen, and click Create.



Single-function printers can be added via the Create new single-function printer button, described in Single-Function Printers.


Managing printers

The MyQ Roger administrator can manage printers via the Actions menu next to a printer. The available actions are:

  • View - view the printer’s details, such as general information, toner status, printer state, and printing counters.

  • Edit - edit the printer’s details, such as display name, brand info, IP address, etc.

  • Activate/Deactivate - depending on the printer’s status you can either activate or deactivate it.

  • Delete - delete the printer.


Exporting printers

To export the printers' list, click Export to Excel on the upper-right corner.

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