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Single-Function Printers

Single-function printers (SFPs - aka lightweight printers) are printers where an embedded terminal cannot be installed. They can, however, be used in MyQ Roger with NFC tags and the MyQ Roger mobile app.

Single-function printers are only supported on Kyocera printers at the moment.

Check the MyQ Roger Server Administration guide for setup details.

Once a single-function printer is set up and can be used, the user releases a job from the MyQ Roger mobile application and MyQ Roger Client (MRC) sends the job to the printer and reports the statistics to the server.

The job counters information is provided by the parser.

After the jobs are released, MRC checks the total counters for print mono and color, as well as the device toner levels, and sends them to the server.


  • Copier/Scan total counters are not reported by MRC.

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