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Different printers produce different data, but not all printers provide all the required data. Some of them provide sheets, some of them impressions (clicks) for each sheet, some of them total impressions (clicks) per job.

MyQ Roger treats a Sheet as the physical medium, so in case of the Print/Copy/Fax operation, a Sheet is, basically, the printed page.

An Impression (click) is how the released print job is counted. A normal print (usually A4) is one impression (click), an A3 print is 2x impressions (clicks), a Mono print is one impression (click), a Color print is 2x impressions (clicks), etc.

For example: a reported job can have 3x sheets A3, 3x clicks A4 mono, 2x clicks A4 color (so there is one click empty / or 7 clicks empty duplex). (3x sheets A3 → 6x clicks, or 12clicks duplex).

Price Calculation

The formula for price calculation is:

$JobPrice =  $SheetPrice + MonoCount() * $MonoPrice + ColorCount() * $ColorPrice
$SheetPrice = SUM per format $SheetFormatCount*$SheetFormatPrice

For example:

  • A3 sheet price:  0.5$

  • A4 mono click price: 0.1$

  • A4 color click price: 0.2$

The reported values are:  3x A3 Sheet, 4 mono clicks, 2 color clicks.

The final job price is:  3x 0.5$(sheet) + 4x 0.1$ (mono click) + 2x 0.2$ (color click) = 2.3$

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