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2FA via email

Once 2FA via email for a user is configured, the user needs to follow this process to log in to MyQ Roger web server.

  • In a browser, go to for the EU region or for the US region.

  • Fill in the required information (Current tenant, Region, User name or email, Password), and click Log in.

  • In the next screen, the user is asked to verify themselves by selecting a verification type. The current available verification type is Email. Click Submit to receive an email with the security code.

  • In the next screen, type the security code received via email, and click Submit. If allowed by the administrator, you can check the Remember this browser setting to skip 2FA for future logins in this browser. (If the 120 seconds timer runs out before submitting the code, you get the Timeout, please try again pop-up. After clicking OK, you are redirected to the login screen where you have to restart the log in process).

  • Once the security code is verified, the user is successfully logged in to MyQ Roger web server.

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