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You can create new users manually, via importing from an external source (Excel, CSV), or via synchronization with Microsoft Entra ID.

Manually Creating Users

  • On the left-side menu options, go to Organization - Users.

  • On the Users settings, click Create new user on the upper-right side.

Users settings - create a new user

  • In the Create new user window, on the User Information tab, fill in the following:

    • First Name - add the user’s first name.

    • Surname - add the user’s surname.

    • Email address- add the user’s email address.

    • Phone number - optionally add the user’s phone number.

    • User name - add the user’s user name.

    • Set random password - enable the setting if you want to set a random password for the user. If disabled, you have to manually set a password for the user.

    • Should change password on next login - if enabled, the user is prompted to change their password on their next login.

    • Send activation email - if enabled, the user receives an activation email.

    • Active - if this is disabled, the user cannot use MyQ Roger.

    • Two factor authentication enabled - if enabled, the user can use 2FA with their login.

    • Lockout enabled - if enabled, the user’s account is locked after multiple failed login attempts.

New user settings

  • Click Save and your new user is created.


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