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The MyQ Roger Client application is provided in .pkg format and can be distributed over the network using:

  • Apple Remote Desktop

  • Microsoft Intune


Alternatively, the package can be installed during a user session either via the setup wizard or silently via the terminal.

Once the installation is finished, MyQ Roger Client starts running in the background and the MyQ (Q) icon appears in the menu bar on the top-right of your screen. MyQ Roger Client can also be found in Applications.


The RogerClient.Service also starts running in the background and can be found in Activity Monitor.


Installation via the setup wizard

 To install MyQ Roger Client via the setup wizard, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest available version of the installation file.

  2. Run the installation file. The MyQ Roger Client Setup wizard dialog opens.

  3. Click Continue to start the installation.

  4. On the license page click Continue; a prompt appears to Agree to the terms of the software license agreement.

  5. On the Destination Select page you can select the destination where to install MyQ Roger Client. Click Continue.

  6. On the Installation Type page click Install.

  7. Enter the password of the user and click Install Software.

  8. During the installation there is a pop-up message saying that “Installer” would like to modify apps on your Mac. Click OK.

  9. Once the installation is complete you are redirected to the summary page, and it should say that your installation was successful. Click Close.

Silent Installation

To silently install the application, download the latest available version of the installation file, open the Terminal as a user with administrator rights, and use the following command:

sudo installer -pkg "MyQ Roger Client Mac.pkg" -target / -dumplog

The installer log can be found in: /private/var/log/install.log

Installation Parameters

Installation parameters can be defined in the installer package’s filename, after the version, separated by an underscore character (_).

For example: MyQ Roger Client Mac




Supported version

TENANCYNAME (optional)

Provide the Tenant Name (identifier) this value will be used to get the TENANTID after the installation




Define to which Server the client should connect.

If the parameter is not specified, the client will use the server setup during the build process.

Accepted values:

“Americas”, “Europe”



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