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Using MyQ Roger in Offline mode

If the device’s network or the server is unavailable, it is possible to use Offline mode. Users can log in and perform actions that do not require network access.



Login is only possible using PIN or ID card. Username and password or login via the mobile application are not available in Offline mode.

The user has to log in using their credentials when the device is online at least once before the terminal reaches Offline mode. The device remembers the credentials for 3 days; after this period ends, the user cannot log in in Offline mode anymore.


Available actions in Offline mode

The available actions in Offline mode are:



  • Print All

  • My Jobs - it is only possible to print jobs spooled via Device Spool. Spooled jobs from Cloud storages, the MyQ Roger mobile application, MyQ Roger Client or Microsoft Universal Print cannot be printed in Offline mode.

  • Panel Copy

  • Panel Scan - Panel scan cannot be used if the network interruption is on the device side.

  • Panel USB

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