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Using MyQ Roger

Usage of the terminal

Log in

Depending on the administrator’s setup, there are multiple login options available on the device panel:

Log in options
  • Username and password - Type your MyQ Roger username and password.

  • Username and PIN - Type your MyQ Roger username PIN.

  • ID Card - Swipe your ID Card.

  • QR code - Scan the QR code with your smart phone via the MyQ Roger mobile app (recommended). If the user is logged in via the mobile application, the Top menu isn’t displayed. If the user is using the mobile application for controlling the panel operations, the Remote operation in progress message is displayed on the device screen.

    Remote operation in progress message on the device


In order to display the Top menu from this screen, it is possible to Pass control to the printer in the Mobile application using the red button on the upper-right corner or by pressing Logout in the mobile application.

Pass Control button on the mobile app


MyQ Roger available actions

Depending on your MyQ Roger tenant settings, as well as the administrator’s setup, the available actions are:

Available terminal actions
  • Print All - this action prints all jobs that are waiting in queue in the Ready and Paused states. In case there are Microsoft Universal Print jobs present, Loading… is displayed on the Print All button after login until the Microsoft Universal Print jobs aren’t loaded.

    Loading displayed on the Print all action
  • My Jobs - this action shows all the jobs that can be printed. You can select the jobs and print

    them. Information about the jobs is also displayed (if the job is local or from cloud storage). Jobs from cloud storage have to be spooled to the server via the MyQ Roger mobile application. It is possible to print files in pdf and jpg formats only from cloud storage on Kyocera.

    Ready jobs list

    It is not possible to set paper size for Universal Print jobs. Paper size of Cassette 1 is used for the Universal Print jobs.

    Universal Print ready job
  • Recent Scans - this action contains a folder with the settings from the last used scan profiles. It is not available when no scan profiles have been used. The folder is updated after logout.

    Recent scans
  • Scan to @me - scan to the user’s email address.

  • Scan to @email - scan to an email address.

  • Scan to OneDrive (OneDrive has to be connected to your tenant) - scan to OneDrive.

  • Scan to GoogleDrive (Google Drive has to be connected to your tenant) - scan to Google Drive.

  • Easy Copy - after the user taps this action, the page is immediately copied.

  • Panel Copy - use the device’s Panel Copy action.

  • Panel Scan - use the device’s Panel Scan action.

  • Panel USB - use the device’s Panel USB action.

  • ID Card Registration - register an ID card.

  • Print from USB (if supported by the device) - print from a USB connected to the MFD.

  • Scan to SharePoint - (SharePoint requires a paid license and has to be connected to your tenant) - scan to SharePoint.


If you are sending a job from the MyQ Roger mobile app to a HyPAS device, it is possible to change the paper size format for pdf files only. Other types of files can only be printed on the A4 paper size format. If you want to print other formats on HyPAS devices, it is recommended to use MyQ Roger Client, where all formats are supported.

The following file types are supported when printing from the mobile app from OneDrive and Google Drive:

  • JPEG (only from OneDrive)

  • PNG (the file is converted to PDF and printed)

  • MS Office (docx, xlsx, pptx)

  • Google Docs (Doc, Table, Presentation)

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