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Release Notes

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera

23, April 2024


  • NEW FEATURE: Terminal logging has been further limited with disabled debug mode, to ease stress on device storage when run on a device with an SD card.

  • NEW FEATURE: Using the newly created user rights, it is possible to disable unlock panel and panel operations for users. MyQ Roger Server 2.11 is required.

  • NEW FEATURE: With sufficient user rights, the user can log in to the terminal as device administrator. MyQ Roger Server 2.11 is required.

Bug fixes

  • Scan to SharePoint folder is not delivered to the folder specified by the user, but to the predefined default folder. MyQ Roger Server 2.11 is required.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 24.1

19 January, 2024


  • NEW FEATURE: Support for scanning to SharePoint added.

Bug Fixes

  • Login became very slow after server was upgraded to 2.10.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2023.11.20.2

22 November, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Device counters and toner levels were not reported by terminal to server.

  • Device spool printed jobs were still visible in mobile application.

  • Sleep mode was not possible to use on the devices with installed terminal.

  • Terminal is not unregistered if the application was updated by application for a different datacenter.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2023.10.18.4

24 October, 2023


  • The printed jobs tab was removed as it's only usable for device spooled jobs.

  • Stability improvement for Kyocera Ecosys M3860idnf.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2023.6.28.2

17 July, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • The number of ready jobs on the Print All button wasn’t displayed if the job initialization finished faster than the displaying of Top Menu.

  • Scan to @email didn’t request the entering of the email address on the device panel if the terminal action was configured to “Ask me every time before scan” in the Mobile application.

  • Some languages were duplicated in the Select language feature.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2023.5.29.2

7 June, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Device spooled jobs weren’t displayed on the terminal if the alias was used instead of username.

  • The loading of Ready jobs wasn’t finished if Universal Print was configured and the terminal was in offline mode.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2023.3.28.5

12 April, 2023


  • Speed of login via Mobile application has been improved.

  • Updated supported devices and devices with full screen support.

  • Attributes for Universal Print jobs are displayed in My jobs.

  • The Media Type attribute is recognized for Universal Print jobs.

Bug Fixes

  • Color counters were not set if the Coverage accounting has been enabled on the device.

  • Counters in MyQ Roger web UI were not updated after operations via Mobile application.

  • Loading of the jobs was stacked if the Universal Printer was deleted without unregistering it from the tenant.

  • The page size parameter for cloud jobs was ignored.


  • The page size parameter in the Mobile application can only be used with files in pdf format on the Kyocera terminal.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2023.1.19.2

24 January, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal installation failed on BW devices.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2023.1.10.1

11 January, 2023


  • Debug log mode is enabled by default.

  • Full screen mode for the Iris 2020 model line is supported.

  • Toner status and Counters are reported to the Roger Web UI > Printers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed renewal of aliases.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.11.10.15

9 December, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Universal Print jobs weren’t visible.

  • Login on Personal tenant failed.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.11.10.13

5 December, 2022


  • The language of the login screen is set by the Roger server default language (server release is required for this feature).

  • Displaying of the Login screen was improved on Kyocera Iris 2020 devices.

  • MS Universal Print is supported.

  • Loading is displayed on the Print all button until all jobs aren’t initialized yet.

  • It is possible to set the expiration of locally spooled jobs (server release is required for this feature).

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect job type was displayed for the jobs spooled via MyQ Roger Client.

  • Fixed renewal of aliases.


  • It is possible to display maximally 100 jobs in the Job list.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.10.15.2

19 October, 2022


  • Improved the speed of login/logout.

  • Printing via MyQ Roger Client is supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Idle logout behavior has been fixed for operating the terminal from the mobile application.

  • Job size for printed jobs was reported as 0 for Cloud print jobs and Local print jobs.

  • Login from the terminal UI showed the remote-control screen if the previous login was from mobile.

  • Not printed jobs were deleted if user logged out during the printing.

  • Reprints of Local spooled jobs weren't accounted.

  • Terminal hangs if user logs out while more different print job types wait for printing.

  • User sees no jobs after logout and login during printing.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.08.17.3

22 August, 2022


  • Customized icons and colors for Top menu actions from mobile application are used on the terminal.

  • The language set as default on the MyQ Roger web UI is set as the default language of the Top menu operations.

  • The user’s profile picture is displayed in the Top menu header.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.07.19.1

15 July, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • User wasn’t able to login by card, username or via mobile application if their PIN was empty.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.06.24.8

28 June, 2022


  • It is possible to display information about region and tenant where the device is connected in terminal’s Admin menu.

  • It is possible to unregister the device from the tenant in the terminal’s Admin menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Local spooled jobs have been visible in the server web UI or in the mobile application after Wiping jobs in Admin menu.

  • Printing and scanning didn’t work in device connected via Wi-Fi.

  • Recent scan Terminal actions didn’t make anything.

  • Scan to Google drive/OneDrive wasn’t possible as jpg.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.05.24.3

26 May, 2022


  • Remote operation in progress is displayed on the device panel instead of terminal if user is logged via mobile application.

Bug Fixes

  • ID Card registration text has been displayed on 1 line only.

  • Spooled jobs via alias weren’t displayed in the remote printer until user logged on the printer where job has been sent.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.04.27

3 May, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with finishing user session.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.03.31

5 April, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Job received under alias before logging wasn't displayed.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.3.3

11 March, 2022


  • It is possible to use Aliases for spooling jobs.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera 2022.1.6

3 March, 2022


  • It is possible to change the region using a different version of the application.

  • Accounting information to finished jobs is reported to server.

Bug Fixes

  • User's credentials weren't stored in the device for Offline login when user was logged in via Mobile application only.

  • PIN Keypad wasn't displayed instead of the QR code when the device went to offline mode.

  • Usernames for login and device spooling are not case sensitive.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera

20 August, 2022


  • Print and Scan from Google Drive is supported.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera

14 June, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Easy scan or Easy copy from the glass failed.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera

27 May, 2022


  • It is possible to change the Local admin PIN on the Tenant.

  • It is possible to use alphanumeric values for the Admin PIN.

  • Printing jobs from OneDrive is supported.

Bug Fixes

  • User was logged out during return from panel operations.


  • It isn't possible to print JPG, TIFF and PNG files from OneDrive.

MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera

1 April, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Device registration or login via QR code wasn't possible after 1 hour.


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