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Basic Information

The guide is intended for administrators. Here you can find information about installing the MyQ Roger application on HyPAS MFDs, downloading and installing the MyQ Roger mobile app, and using MyQ Roger on HyPAS devices via the embedded terminals or via the mobile app.

The basic prerequisites before the installation are:

  • Setup of the MyQ Roger tenant (described in the MyQ Roger Server Administration guide).

  • The MFD should be on the list of supported devices.

  • The MFD should use TLS HyPAS 1.2 or newer.

  • The MFD’s display size should be 7" or larger.

  • An SSD/HDD is required

    • Some models do not have SDD or HDD by default.

    • For SSD, custom FW might be necessary.

  • The MFD should support the Device Spool feature.

The communication protocols and ports used can be found in the MyQ Roger Server Administration guide.

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