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Admin Menu

It is possible to log in to the device’s Admin Menu from the screen for registration of the device to the tenant when the device is disconnected from the network or when the device is registered to the tenant. Tap the MyQ icon, and then log in as the MyQ administrator (the default administrator’s PIN of an unassigned terminal to a tenant is 1087. For newly created tenants, the Admin PIN is generated randomly and after connecting the device to the tenant, the Admin PIN can be changed. The value of the Admin PIN can be found in the MyQ Roger Server tenant settings, in Administration - Device Settings, in the General tab under Admin Mode. The Admin PIN can be changed there.)

Admin Menu


The available actions in the Admin Menu of the MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera are:

  • Display information about the terminal’s version

    Terminal version
  • Display information about the connected tenant

    Tenant information
  • Enable Log Debug Messages

    Enable log debug messages
  • Export logs to USB (USB has to be connected before exporting the logs)

    Export log
  • Unlock panel for managing the printer settings or update/uninstall the MyQ Roger terminal for Kyocera

    Unlock panel
  • Disable application – the application is disabled on the device, the device is unlocked for using.

    Disable application

    The application is enabled after restarting the MFP.

  • Wipe jobs – Delete all local spooled jobs from the printer

    Wipe jobs
  • Unregister from tenant – The device is unregistered from the tenant; all users and local spooled jobs are deleted from the device; the screen for registration of the device to the tenant is displayed after logging out of the Admin Menu

    Unregister from tenant



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